2015 All Things Great and Small Exhibition

I am moved by the infinite repertoire of creation – in its size and form and colour and all the other sensory experiences.

On my balcony I found a tiny bird, a silver eye, recently dead, feet up – I held my breath as I approached such sacredness, such fragility, such perfection in every feather, eye ,leg, beak –
such exquisite design – utter perfection!

The privilege of holding it so close – albeit dead – made my breath stop and my heart flutter – “beauty beyond reason in the palm of my hand” ( as Blake wrote !).

I began to draw many small things one after the other – grasses, seed pods, shells…….. all precious treasures …….until I was filled enough by the close focus …it allowed me to come back
into the world.

After awhile I could turn towards the other extreme in dimension : I went to the maritime museum and was enveloped and enthralled by the magnificent grandeur of the whale…….
its gravitas in size, demeanor and spellbinding gaze – so much bigger than me.

Awe ……Awe

View the Awe exhibition gallery.

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